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    A new OpenTTD release after a very long time. Must be some evil magic making this possible.

    Please note this release should work fine on 1.4.x still (not tested though).

    I probably switch very soon to MorphOS 2.0 features (shared z.library, png.library and so on) to make the releases easier to maintain for me personally. So if someone still needs MorphOS 1.4.x compatibility then he has to do own builds with static link libraries, I guess. Just as info. If there is *really* *high* demand for 1.4.x compatibility I might keep stuff static for now... all depends on feedback...

    Embedded image

    Embedded image

    For more information and downloads please visit http://www.openttd.org.

    If you like to support further OpenTTD releases for MorphOS and motivate me in this regard (I haven't played OpenTTD myself for years now, because I don't have the time. And OpenTTD code has become evil C++ mess which I really dislike. So... I'm not doing this ports for myself after all. ;-) ) you'll find a nifty Paypal button at the bottom of my homepage: http://www.binaryriot.de/releases/index.php?lang=en. :-D

    Happy Tycoon'ing!
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