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    a tiny release, just wrote this today for my own personal needs. Maybe useful for someone else too (no idea).

    Freeze 1.1 for MorphOS


    Freeze is a small commandline command to freeze (suspend) tasks or processes. A frozen task is still available in the system, but doesn't consume CPU time anymore.

    Freezing a task can be useful if the task misbehaves (e.g. if the task starts to busyloop and does not let have other tasks a turn frequently enough and hence renders the system unusable).

    There are similiar tools available already. F.ex. iKill (comes with MorphOS 2.0) can be used for the same purpose. But iKill needs an intution window to find the task, so does not work at all for window-less tasks. Further the well-known system monitor Scout offers in its tasklist window the possibility to freeze and activate tasks, but in case of a busyloop situation Scout can takes ages to load and initialize before it's possible to freeze a misbehaving task.

    Freeze can be used from commandline and without any mouse interaction. It's very small and does not require any extra dependecies. It should load even in a worst case situation relatively fast.

    To find a PID of a task or process the tasklist command (also provided by MorphOS 2.0) can be utilized from the commandline easily.


    > Tasklist MisterBanana
     pid    address type  pri   state 68kstack/used     ppcstack/used     name
    2217 0x261760A0 proc 0 wait 4096/100 32764/1712 MisterBanana

    > Freeze 2217 VERBOSE
    Task <2217, MisterBanana> successfully freezed.


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    As usual the archive is available on my homepage:
    http://tokai.binaryriot.org/public/freeze-1.1.lha (3.0 KB)

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