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    I fully agree, jcmarcos.. x86 isn't "evil". The single largest problem for MOS that I can see at the moment is the lack of decent hardware. Pegasos are more or less unavailable, and the only hardware that's even an option is Efika, and to be honest that doesn't really seem fit as the only available hardware considering its performance (hopefully we'll get to see more games/apps that need processing power for MOS soon).

    An x86 base would at least open up MOS to the public, and you would get a vast number of hardware options. Personally I don't currently run MOS but would like to, though I'm not ready to pay something like 500 euro or more to get some out-of-date hardware that I can't do much else with if I get tired of MOS.. (Yes, I know I can run some linux distros, but no, I don't wanna' ;) )

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