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    by lugduweb on 2007/5/7 17:54:13

    >Well, if you want some new hardware, I think you'd better buy an Efika and wait for MorphOS on it.

    It is not of much use for me. I can run Linux on my Peg yet. Next MOS version should run far better on Pegasos
    than Efika. IF it supports Altivec, even better.
    Do you think Efika is well suited as a desktop computer?

    >A new Pegasos would be a lot nicer than a x86 port... (not saying I'm against a x86 port, but a new Peg would be really better !)

    I totally agree, but it seems hard to believe...
    It could be nicer, but less positive than an x86 port,
    and a lot more expensive. :)
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