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    HI DQ !

    > Is your G4 getting slower lately or there is any superb > application that runs slow your the peg?

    No such thing man unfortunately there is no much
    new soft.. My Peg is fine right now,
    I like MOS, whatever the hardware it runs on.

    >I cant see the point about going X86, and so, Im >giving you five reasons not to go X86

    Widespread and cheap hardware, great possibilities
    of a growing user base, therefore more chances of
    good software coming to MOS.

    >Do we really want to get our nice OS running on >those dirty CPUs?

    I don?t mind much the hard really. Personally, I think is the OS what I like in first place.
    I remenber BBRV talked about a MOS demo runing under PearPC.
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