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    I think that MorphOS must turn to a commercial release. Because the benefits will be much more than they are now, like a "HobbyOS" as you say.

    Well, I don't want to use MorphOS or even AmigaOS to do my hobby, I want to use them to do my job. I don't want to have Pegasos and PC together, because of that.

    If MorphOS become commercial release, then more third party companies will try something for our operating system. If not, then MorphOS will be just like it is, a hobby-only OS and nothing more. That means that MorphOS will be for only a few users around a world (and I think just only old Amiga users), so don't think MorphOS will grow as you imagine or dreaming.

    This is my opinion only, how I want MorphOS to be. Not a hobby OS, but an entirely new OS, so I don't need to have a f****g pc to do my job...
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