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    (Even though it's none of my f***g bussiness) I think there might be a bussiness case for MOS in some specialist sectors (SCADA systems come to my mind) BUT it is up to the MOS team to do whatever they want with their OS.

    However, and in the light of CISC's quite violent response to a suggestion that IMHO doesn't deserve it, I will allow myself to ask you all (and especially the MOS team) a simple question:
    Did ANY of you ever did a simple SWOT analysis (or another accepted marketing technique) to factually SEE (not guess) whether there is a bussiness case for MOS or not?

    Until someone answers yes to the above question, everything's that said on this subject is just either guesswork or smoke and mirrors.

    P.S: Please don't take this personally, I would only like to see a reasoned, argumented answer to TMHG's post.
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