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    I think we have very different views. Let me outline some differences:

    1. I think MorphOS for the forseeable future has zero commercial
    potential as a platform.

    Although there is some room for licensing components (such as a driver
    for embedded use, or such) or for using MorphOS expertise and code
    base for special paid projects, thereby making it possible for MorphOS
    developers to get something back financially, I think there are no
    commercial options for MorphOS as an OS. Not as a consumer OS, not as
    an embedded OS, not at all.

    2. I think getting involved with money when there isn't much of it is
    a road to disaster.

    We've already seen it and it can happen again. Money may not be the
    root of all evil, but when expectations do not meet reality it quite
    commonly breaks up friendship and destroys cooperative spirit.
    Besides, administrating such things take up a lot of time and is
    boring work, which is completely useless when there is next to no
    revenue anyway.

    3. I don't think it's crucial that the MorphOS user base grows

    It's possible that some "bright minds" have left (though I've seen
    little proof of it, there doesn't seem to be a great mass of used
    Pegasoses available). But I'm not sure it matters. It seems to me that
    the people leaving (many or few) probably had false expectations:
    they expected MorphOS to be a commercial success, or they just wanted
    to toy around with frequent updates they wouldn't really use anyway
    and updates haven't been frequent enough to fill up their time. People
    who really want to do something with MorphOS are not leaving as far as
    I can tell - there's quite a lot to do, all it takes is inspiration,
    skill and persistance. To me it's important that MorphOS attracts
    inventive developers, not so much users, "bright minds" or not.

    4. I think MorphOS as a hobby OS is quite attractive.

    I don't believe MorphOS will take over the world, but a team (and a
    community) driven by passion, rather than money or the ambition to
    attract lots of users, has a unique possibility to create an OS that,
    at least in parts, offers something new and progressive. Such
    improvements can then live on in future OSes regardless of whether
    MorphOS survives or not. There are too many hurdles for such a small
    OS to be able to offer everything a regular user would want, or even
    to compete favourably with embedded systems. But I believe it is
    possible to remain attractive for people who are willing to lag behind
    in certain areas in order to enjoy what is special about MorphOS. If
    this base consists of enough developers and users to act as
    betatesters and keep up some sense of community, I think MorphOS can
    survive. Maybe one day there will be some commercial possibilities,
    but I don't see it today. And it's not really important to me.

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