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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    >> The m68k build of 7.2 should work fine on MorphOS, I think.

    > ...or that of 7.3

    "A-EON will exclusively develop and own all future AmigaOS versions of Personal Paint (including possible MorphOS and AROS ports)."

    "If we can get enough confirmed users willing to buy it on AROS, I don't see why not? Probably around 180 users willing to buy would be enough break even (rough estimate) and cover a few hundred hours development time."


    Even half of that would be very good number. It is not really new software, many have bought older version already and PPC native recompile is not really an improvement to justify rebuying.

    That is, I dont see any reason to support MorphOS native version at this time. Not from MorphOS user or A-eon POV. But that is just my opinion.

    Edit: apparently there is some confusion over there. 180 sold copies is apparently meant for developing new version with new features.

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