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    From: binaryriot
    A professional solution (i assume MOSMedia is one, or?) also needs a more professional sounding name. Going into fun-area or some other stuff which makes one laugh is maybe the wrong idea then.

    As the name is used anyway only for the release (the parts (files, libs, classes) of MOSmedia have names on it own) there shouldn't be too much worry about if the name sounds funky or cool, but only if the name contains what it is about.

    My 3 1/2 euro cent.


    "MorphOS Multimedia"
    "MorphOS Multi Media"
    "MorphOS Multimedia Framework"
    or stuff like this.

    less seriously ideas:
    "Triple M"

    okay... lets stop here before I come up with really weird suggestions. It's not what is wanted here. We want something professional sounding! :-)

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