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    Can you please provide more technical details of the program. i.e its capabilities?

    The BTR_8x8 is a program for PCI video capture cards using the Bt8x8 family of video decoder chips. The project was begun 13.12.04. In which I has used my two years' back experience of writing the similar program under QNX4.


    Does it capture to HD?

    It's not problem, but I not yet wrote this bit of code. The problem is in absent GUI for starting capture or configure format of saved file.


    Does it work for NTSC?

    After selling my Amiga I lost NTSC source for test this mode, but I will add all standarts in next versions. Now program just understand PAL/SECAM B/D/G/H/I without sound.


    What cards have been tested?

    I have just FlyVideo EZ'98 for testing.
    My betatesters with AverMedia still not reply me about they results.
    Autor of the BTR_8x8 - Video Capture program for MOS/QNX4/Windows.
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