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    > in every song the timing is slightly off (bit difficult to explain, but there is a noticable
    > slowdown here and there, samples not quite connecting, etc).

    Thanks for info.

    > The same can be heard when using for example the 14bit AHI replayer (and to a lesser
    > extend the AHI replayer) with Delitracker on MorphOS.

    Yes, that's what you told in comment #7. And the Deli14BitGenie.guide states accordingly:

    "AHI [...] needs huge sample mixing buffers to work correctly [...] and for DeliTracker is doing the mixing asychroneously, the notes will not be mixed at exactly the right time."

    So AHI NotePlayer is the way to go for DeliTracker, as was already established in comment #3.
    What do you think, are the timing issues with Eagleplayer's AHI Amplifier as severe as with DeliTracker's AHI-compatible 14bit NotePlayer or more moderate like with DeliTracker's AHI NotePlayer?
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