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    Hi Papiosaur,

    I'm new to MorphOS, but finally got a Mac Mini G4 to run it on without having the electricity bills ruin me (using the dual G5) :)

    I have 3.18 installed and were looking for the Chrysalis pack 'everyone' mention, but as (for everyone else) the latest I could find was 3.15.

    See here that you are working/almost done with the new pack, and I would appreciate if you could send me a link so I can try it out on the current MorphOS release.



    Papiosaur wrote:

    CryzleR a écrit :
    The two weeks are almost over ;o)… got news?

    Hi Cryzler,

    i wait MorphOS 3.19 :-D


    If you want i can send you a beta version of the pack.
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