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    1.25 has just been released.

    Another major update, great improvements on usability and capacity and of course bug fixes.

    He added new graphics for a modern rustic look...

    Trophy software to be sure!!!

    Website link:

    Here are a list of changes since the last release:
    v1.25 (05.11.23) Fix: Double start the app don't open an MUIcon with fail message but show first instance
    Fix: Default icon size from 100 to 48.
    Fix: time in alarm win don't have custom setting
    v1.24b (04.11.23) Change: Icon size by 8 pixels steps. Minimum at 24 pix.
    Fix: Remove custom class for copy menu text by use official MUI attributes (log dump about unfree memory)
    v1.24a (01.11.23) Fix: Memory leak for icon renderer
    Change: icon size switch to pixels.
    Fix: Redaw icons all in one (resize)
    Fix: free issue in guigfx class
    Fix: Tabs color update broken
    v1,24 (29.10.23) Fix: Remove contact in dual name mode now do it correctly
    Add: Limit number of link to 128 (drop not possible)
    Add: Settings for icon size
    Fix: Background of icon when clicked
    v1.23c (28.10.23) Fix: broken link when remove something.
    v1.23b (28.10.23) Add: Stamp button in Event & Contact edit window
    Add: Preview of the stamp in preferences
    Add: Re-activate note area when press "Insert stamp"
    v1.23a (28.10.23) Add: Stamp format setting in prefs
    Fix: More that 16 links cause Event/Contact/Task to not displayed at restart! Limit now 206.
    v1.23 (23.10.23) Fix: Remove link don't work.
    Add: Button for create an event from a task.
    Add: Basic stamp button for add current date (compact without hour)

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