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    BatteMan wrote:
    Thx Matt3 for the news !
    And of course, thx to Fred for this new version of PolyOrga (and thx Frank too, for the help).

    Here, I'm a daily user of PolyOrga since many years (almost 20 !! OMG !) and I'm very happy to see a new version of this wonderful and MorphOS only app !
    I love the reminder : I configured it to say "bonjour" on boot when it needs to remember me an action (mostly birthday every year, or another event entered in PolyOrga). I use a lot the task mode too.

    PolyOrga is a must have and I hope every MorphOS users use or will use it.

    /me is a daily user of PolyNet too, instead of the Ambient's panels ;-)

    20 years? Wow great statement on how good PolyOrga is. I looked at it years ago but didn't get serious until 1.5 years ago and a need arose. Great experience, it is superfast and very productive.

    I changed bonjour years ago to silly stuff from comic characters. I use the Calendar, Events (Meetings), and tasks very heavily with multiple links per item. The way search uses links is really sweet. My interface for PolyOrga uses the button replacements, and tweaked colors. I also run it on my second display @1920X1080, looks really nice and gives me lots of room to work. I keep the main ambient screen for Iris, Wayfarer, Pagestream and other programs. I also run turbocalc on the 2nd display as well as filer/dopus. I get the most productivity this way.

    PolyOrga is on a total different level for Amiga Organizers/CRM and is the only multi-relationship program in existance on any Amiga OS Flavor. Not to mention unlimited notes, etc. etc.

    It reminds me of Wayfarer, Iris, VDPF, Jukebox, and the OS in general. The user experience for not only the OS but the major apps really illustrates how good the MorphOS ecosystem is right now...

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