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    Thx Matt3 for the news !
    And of course, thx to Fred for this new version of PolyOrga (and thx Frank too, for the help).

    Here, I'm a daily user of PolyOrga since many years (almost 20 !! OMG !) and I'm very happy to see a new version of this wonderful and MorphOS only app !
    I love the reminder : I configured it to say "bonjour" on boot when it needs to remember me an action (mostly birthday every year, or another event entered in PolyOrga). I use a lot the task mode too.

    PolyOrga is a must have and I hope every MorphOS users use or will use it.

    /me is a daily user of PolyNet too, instead of the Ambient's panels ;-)
    Proud user of MorphOS since 2003 !
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