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    PolyOrga was just updated.

    A big thanks to the Author Fred and Frank from the MorphOS Team for bugfixes and updates in usability.

    I hope to do a formal review at some point but, I have used all the CRM like programs on the Amiga (Organizer, OnTheBall, TimeTracker, and others) many on the PC platform (Act!, SalesForce, Telemagic) and I can tell you that this programs strikes a near perfect balance of simplicity and power for most of my needs. It could be used for simple home use to SMB.

    I have used it pretty solid for well over a year (Thanks again to Frank by getting me out of a very tight spot and fixing some of the bugs and letting me keep going) and it is really good at this point with Fred enhancing the user interface and experience and general cleaning up.

    This entire experience over the last year for this one project, once again shows why this community is the best anywhere in Amiga land. Major kudos to Fred for doing all the right work up front in design to make this such a good product.

    Here are some of the benefits:
    1. The only Amiga offering to offers linking, where you can setup relationships between contacts, meetings, and tasks.
    2. Unlimited text and notes fields.
    3. Search that searches everything quickly and will bring you to the item.

    The program isn't up on MorphOS Storage yet, so go to the website:

    PolyOrga Website

    I recommend you install the buttons pack to make it look really nice:

    PolyOrga Buttons

    If you like it make a donation to Fred and Frank for making this happen.

    Donations to Frank:
    Franks Donations

    Donations to Fred:
    Fred Donation

    List of changes:

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