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    In 2002 together with gfx-goup Scenic we created demo for Amiga with PPC and 3D accelerator. The demo was shown in Amiga demo
    competition at the Mekka & Symposium 2002 party.

    Now is hard to find a hardware which is able to run this demo and is not possible to create a video on high resolution and acceptable frame rate. So together with Fusko (one of authors of 2002 graphics) we decided to re-create the demo for more available MorphOS machines. I recreated everything except images and music. Original music (“Fusko goes to Shanghai”) has been a bit remastered by Jazzcat (author of the original).

    The demo is very very simple. Geometry of these scenes is extremely easy for modern MorphOS hardware. Rendering of big transparent faces on a screen in very high resolution a bit kill fillrate. However on my PowerBook G4 1,67 GHz on 1440x960 screen all the time is about 60 fps. I was able to create video in 1920x1080 in 60 fps.
    Me and Fusko wanted to keep original look&feel. However we changed small detail.

    Executable version od the Kheshkhash 2.0 for MorphOS is available on the MorphOS Storage:

    Video (1920x1080, 60 fps) is ob the YouTube:

    Let me copy/paste from read me file list of features and differences (comparing to 2002 version).

    - 100% code rewritten in C/C++ (MorphOS 3.16 SDK, GCC 11).
    - Code is based on the Encore Engine 4.5.0 (2022).
    - 3D rendering is realized in "fixed pipeline" (without using shaders, like in 2002).
    - Native version for MorphOS PowerPC.
    - Music remastered by Jazzcat - author of the original version.
    - All scenes, animation paths and models recreated in Blender 3D and exported using Encore's plugins to files in formats required by the Encore Engine.
    - Added light in the Temple part. According to info from Fusko - it was planned but not realized in 2002.
    - Added shadow in the Pipe part.
    - Smoke in the Pipe part now uses Encore's particles system.
    - Added rotating flares in the Good-Bad part.
    - This version of the demo uses original images, but some textures were upscaled with a machine learning algorithm and adapted to new requirements.
    - Fixed alpha-channels and antialias in some textures.
    - Fog per-vertex replaced by tricky pseudo fog per-pixel.
    - End scroller created in EncUIKit.
    - Added cyclical fading of background images in the End part.
    - Added Launcher which allows to select the demo parameters.
    - Now a user can switch between window and screen modes while watching the demo..
    - MorphOS version of the demo uses the Reggae (MorphOS multimedia framework) and allows to play music loaded into memory or streamed from the file.

    I am not going to re-create rest of our old demos. After update demos from 2017-2022 (in January) I would like to focus on game for MorphOS which currently is frozen.

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