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    I tried Tux Racer, and the menu there seems kinda empty even with the previous TinyGL update. I haven't tried MorphOS 3.17 yet. Do you know when it last worked right?

    SoulFu unfortunately crashes on startup for me, also with the previous TinyGL update. Does it run for you? If so, could you give me a screenshot of what doesn't render right, and with which version of TinyGL it last did render right, if you can find out? That'd help a lot :)

    Ri-Li's menu indeed seems somewhat broken here, but it also looked broken with the previous TinyGL update :) However, the problem looks like some modulo problem with certain texture data, so I'll check that one out. Edit: Took a quick look, and Ri-Li doesn't seem to use TinyGL for rendering at all. Whoops.

    Fade To Black I unfortunately don't have the data files for. I don't suppose they're freely available?
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