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    MDW wrote:

    Kronos wrote:

    - at the end the temps are about 3 or 4° above idle (still under 60) and nothing feels hot or is noisy

    Yes, there is small break on endscroller. Main music is partially played on endscroller. End music is loaded and there is short break. Maybe in updates in a future I will change solution for playing the music. I wanted to release before 22 Oct 2022 and I almost didn't sleep 3 nights before the party because some unexpected problem occured. :)

    Maybe a slight understanding here, I was referring to the fact that your demo does not even come close to taxing my HW to the point of it getting hot.

    Hence "there is still some headroom" which is supported by it running on an Efika (with a Radeon9250 I'd guess) quite well.

    Amigaharry2 obviously mistyped and the "G2" (which would be an Efika) really means a PowerMac G5 which should be a bit better than mine (+200MHz on the CPU and a better GPU) but is still limited to the 60Hz refresh rate.

    I did start it in fullscreen (1680x1050) from the launcher, no crashes or other issues.
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