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    Chain-Q wrote:
    Cool demo! Congrats winning the compo. We discussed that we should show off more visual stuff on the MorphOS Team booth on upcoming Amiga 3x/4x events, and I guess this is exactly the kind of content, we need.

    I think the demo could be ported to e.g. AmigaOS4. However I have no AmigaOS4 and I think theme, style is not what AmigaOS4 users would like to watch. :) ;)


    Chain-Q wrote:
    So please also disregard whatever you wrote in the endscroller, and don't stop. :)

    I wanted to stop this strange activity... However I can't! :)

    Now I am going to create at least one week break (unfortunately for regular commercial work). After that I would like to realise one idea related to demoscene. Something much simpler that this project. I promised someone that I will try to do it. Of course for MorphOS.
    And finally I am going back to work on game (also for MorphOS) which I frozen 5 months ago). I should finish it because the progress of work is too advanced to stop it. :) Everything difficult elements have been already implemented, fixed. The rest is just a lot of quite simple tasks...
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