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    Kronos wrote:
    Ran it on the iMac and....
    - 59fps (i guess it is limited to 60 and won't hit that due to some minor timing issues)

    Demo limites number of frames to frequency of a screenmode. If you had a screenmode and a monitor with the freq e.g. 100Hz, the limit will be set to 100 fps. Also in window mode.


    Kronos wrote:
    - at the end the temps are about 3 or 4° above idle (still under 60) and nothing feels hot or is noisy

    Yes, there is small break on endscroller. Main music is partially played on endscroller. End music is loaded and there is short break. Maybe in updates in a future I will change solution for playing the music. I wanted to release before 22 Oct 2022 and I almost didn't sleep 3 nights before the party because some unexpected problem occured. :)
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