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    Wow, runs on G2_2.3GHz/Radeon600 at about 58-60 frames/s. But only windowed (800x600) - fullscreen (1600x1050) crashes always after intro..

    AND: Runs on Efika too(!!) with 40-50 frames/s! But without sound (not enough RAM, I think...)

    Hmm, after quitting demo, sound seems to be disabled on EFIKA till reboot.

    Edit: runs with sound, but only from shell, when booting with no startup-sequence (to save RAM).
    CPU-load is now between 56% and 85%, RAM free: 28MB! Radeon9200. WOW again!

    And runs also in full screen (1024x768 in my case) with 35-60frames/s. I'm impressed!

    Nice job!

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