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    Hi there!

    I am using MorphOS 3.17 on a Peg2 with a 256GB SSD and was wondering what the optimal settings are for SFS?

    When extracting large zip files (1GB) it takes a lot of time until the first files are written.
    It seems that the system is buffering files before it begins to write them to harddisk. Is there a way to speed this up or is this a hardware limit?
    On the amiga f.e. extracted lha archives are directly written to harddisk afair without any buffering.

    Pegasos II G4 @1.0GHz, 1GB DDR Ram, Radeon 9200Pro, 240GB SSD+160GB HD, MorphOS 3.18, AmigaOS4.1 FE, Debian 8
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