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    I'm a new MorphOS user, and keen to see how much I can use this OS as my daily driver.

    Getting an email client operational is therefore key...

    ... Iris seems like it'll handle what I need - but I can't get it configured with any of my accounts.

    What's interesting is that on my two O365 accounts, it opens Wayfarer to do an authentication and the Microsoft login box appears (just as it would if configuring email on Outlook on a PC or Mac for the first time).

    However, the error I'm getting says that my Microsoft account doesn't exist. Same error for both accounts.

    I'm assuming that Iris is telling Wayfarer to collect an auth token and that's how the first handshake occurs - is there a way of manually adding that token from one of my other authorised machines? Or - perhaps the URL that Wayfarer is directed to is wrong, and I can point it to somewhere else?

    Or perhaps the error's cause is elsewhere? Grateful for support.

    MorphOS 3.17 on iBook G4 + Workbench 1.3 on CDTV
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