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    Andreas_Wolf schrieb:
    > Oh well... I think I forgot to "insert media" first ;) [...] I hope I can setup
    > a folder to transfer things backĀ“nĀ“forth between MorphOS and AmigaOS.
    > [...] I have two working HDFs now, that will be enough for what I need.

    You can do this transfer with HDFs as well, if you mount them on MorphOS. You may have to make sure to not write to them from MorphOS side while mounted within UAE and vice versa.

    great, thank you so much!

    I figured out a syntax that works now, for invoking folders as "hard disks" - so I can read and write into a MorphOS folder now :)

    but good to know, that HDF transfer will work as well (in case I mess up my Amiga install and need to access the drive from the outside so to speak)

    It was kind of a rough journey, but now I got a very fast Amiga WB emulation up and running - now I need to fine-tune a few things. I noticed there is a "Key press Tool" (on Amiga WB side) that shows what keys are registeredm when pressing them.

    Thing is, the "Apple-Keys" do not register as "Amiga Keys" in fact, they do nothing at all. CTRL, ALT and Shift are working as expected. Would be nice to get the Apple/Amiga key connecting running, because I like to use Keyboard shortcuts a lot.

    I am not sure, if NumPad-Keys can be emulated as well (I remember some DPaint Tools, like Perspective for example) are driven by them. On A600 (so no Numpad) there is a workaround, but can't remember what it was ...

    Maybe I should post this kind of questions in another category of this forum, since the main "quest" is done now?

    Cheers and thank you all :)
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