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    Amigaharry2 schrieb:
    You dont need hardfiles! Make a direktory on a MOS SFS-Parition with your Workbench and point to this with the same syntacs as in my config-file - thats all!

    Yeah, folders are shown on the emulated amiga as floppys - dont know if I can install
    WB into this - I mean - normally you would have to format and partition a harddrive (emulated or real)
    to install WB to, right?

    From my experience with WinUAE and Fs-UAE using normal folders instead of hardfiles sooner or later
    corrupts the emulated amiga system and Workbench gets really funky...

    but I have found no way to get this .HDF file working in E-UAE - so maybe going with folders is kind of last resort...
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