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    Just my 50 cents on the topic, but you need to format the adf files using the format feature, for example using Ambiet (using file image control to insert a media first) or the workbench on the emulation, where the emulator already has the adf file inserted.

    The result from e.g. createfile is just an empty disk like you would bought back then.

    This applied of course to HDF files, too. The file is an hard drive content emulation and a computers operation system needs to format and partition them so data can be stored on them.

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    Yes, this is what I was about to do. Created empty HDF file to format and partition it from WB in the emulated Amiga.
    This worked for me in FS_UAE and WinUAE - but E-UAE on Morphos does not seem to be able to do anything with it.

    I try to format it with the Morphos tools, but they seem to work only for connected Harddrives, the is no way to format "hardfiles", I think?

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