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    Ok, I tried many combinations and only thing I get is:

    "Not a DOS disk in device DF0"

    This is how my config line looks:

    (Hardfile2) rw,DH0:Work:E-UAE_1.0.0-JIT/HardFiles/aos.hdf,32,1,2,512,10,
    (Filesystem2) rw,DH1:Work:E-UAE_1.0.0-JIT/HardDisks/Work

    This is E-UAE log:


    E-UAE 1.0.0
    Build date: Mar 14 2018 01:13:08
    Opening cfgfile '.uaerc'...failed
    Opening cfgfile 'T:rhLaunch.uaerc'...okay.
    obsolete config entry 'sound_bits'
    Invalid filesystem/hardfile specification.
    Timebase frequency: 19.017379 MHz
    Rexx port "UAE" installed.
    Building CPU table for configuration: 68020/881
    1866 CPU functions
    Building CPU function table, 45954 opcodes (3 0 0).
    JIT: Building compiler function table.
    JIT: Allocation of translation cache...
    JIT: Translation cache size in prefs: 8192
    JIT: Allocated 8192 KB translation cache.
    JIT: allocated 1760 KB macroblock buffer.
    AMIGFX: Using a 16-bit true-colour display.
    Sound driver found and configured for stereo at 22050 Hz, buffer is 8820 bytes.
    Driveclick init...
    reset at 0
    JIT: Compiling reset
    PAL mode, 50Hz (h=227 v=312)
    chipmem cleared
    SERIAL: period=372, baud=9600, hsyncs=16 PC=f8020c
    JIT: Change cache emulation: enabled
    Fastmem (32bit): mapped @$10000000: 32 MB Zorro III fast memory
    Card 1 (ZorroIII) done.
    Filesystem: mapped memory @$e90000.
    Card 2 (ZorroII) done.
    PAL mode, 52Hz (h=227 v=295)
    PAL mode, 50Hz (h=227 v=312)
    Mounting uaehf.device 0 (0):
    FS: mounted HDF unit DH0 (0000-08000000, Work:E-UAE_1.0.0-JIT/HardFiles/aos.hdf)
    Trying on public screen...
    AppWindow started.
    AMIGFX: Using a 16-bit true-colour display.
    display enabled

    Any ideas why I get error regarding HDF file?

    I made one with WinUAE and another one with "createFile"on MorphOS - both give the same error(s)...

    oh man ... :(

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