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    Ok - so I want to try UAE as last resort...

    got the non SDL Version now, as suggested. DL from the given link and got setup and config ready.
    One thing I noticed, there is no setting for floppy-speed, I guess? (at least there is no such thing when you open an existing config with rhlauncher)

    the Fan is kicking in on slow to medium speeds now - but it is because the speed of emulated Amiga was set to "real" - if I put on max, fan is winding up like a turbine ;)

    anyways - I startet with WB-Install disk and it took again ages to get to a WB screen.then in turn launching DPaint III from ADF took another 30 seconds for UAE to fire it up!

    DPaint V does not even start "something with math-library8" is the error... maybe I need to install a full WB first?!

    I am using the non SDL Version right now, but it is not faster than before.

    I made sure to go with an 68020 (so JIT should be enabled) - there is no way to see this in config, I suppose?
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