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    Ok, this "one-click-solution" is something, I would like to try - if this does not involve installing a whole WB and WHDLoad.

    Yesterday, I thought the ADFs are not working - but they did (just slow as hell)
    Today I took a closer look at UAE config and now things are a bit more "speedy" (as far as they may get on iBook)

    Emulation triggers the fan at max speeds, because CPU is at 100% :(
    So emulating a whole WB.install is maybe not ideal.

    I also tried PPaint 7.1 but the UI is totally messed up:

    sorry, I would have attached an image (screen grab) here, but forum will not accept 123kb PNG it seems?!

    Error: 1: /var/www/morphzone.org/modules/newbb_plus/cache/attachments/ gibt es nicht, oder ist nicht beschreibbar.

    So I can only describe it: lines and noise everywhere, just top menubar and requester are displayed properly...

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