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    Elowan wrote:

    Is there a way to run DPaint on Morphos?
    (I thing DPaint may needs AGA chipset and/or another resolution then 1024x768)?

    please help!!!

    would really love to use iBook+MorphOS+DPaint for my pixel-art needs :)

    I don't think you can run DPaint out of the box, the software is too chip-dependant AFAIR.
    You'd need to run it emulated, under E-UAE.

    That said - there's the Personal Paint, that runs just fine (with some minor glitches) on MorphOS.
    I'd recommend version 7.1. You just need some cosmetic tweaks in the prefs file.

    And there's always GrafX2 - a native MorphOS port of a actively developed raster graphics palette based painting program inspired by Brillance and/or DPaint.
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