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    My goal was to use an Amiga/MorphOS native accounting program. CheckItOut is best that the Amiga has for accounting. The benefits are that it gives real financial reporting (balance sheets and income statements), you can manage multiple accounts and easily report them how you want, a fast entry, good reconciliation, and a bunch of other things. If you have very simple home accounting needs something like Pretium might be fine. I might be willing to sell you Pretium for what I paid for it, I bought it a few months ago NIB if you were interested.

    If homebank was stable (under MorphOS) it would be good also. I have tested over 10 accounting systems over the years, so I know what the Amiga has to offer in that department. Very happy to have it run well on MorphOS. It seems somewhat stable on AmigaOS.

    Certainly web based solutions probably offer the same or more in features, but I wanted all my finances off the cloud and on my own systems. MorphOS is really impressive that you can actually run a business off of it, with high productivity.


    Bifford wrote:
    What are the benefits of using a program over an internet based platform?

    I was using Bokio, until they went behind a paywall for 2 or more money streams. Now I use Zoho Books. They automatically pull through any money movements and try to work out what they are. You can also do invoices from them.

    So what benefits do the programs in the OP bring to the table?
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