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    Thanks for sharing Cool_amigaN.

    I forked to Diavolo for MOS for now and keeping AmiBack on the 3000's. There still may be a longshot that AmiBack may run under MOS if the business owner of AmiBack can find a new/different version. Which will get me back on the same base.

    Your idea seems to have some nice potential. Maybe it will bear fruit.

    If you move it along let me know!


    Cool_amigaN wrote:

    I 've copied (backed up) more than 100GB over the network using a combination of NetFS and MirrorCopy under a straight session. You can create some scripts for the latter to even run incremental "back ups" on demand if I recall correctly. Anyhow, I highly recommend this solution.

    There are tools/scripts (such MUIWake, MirrorCopy and NetFS) which could be combined under a GUI and have a great back up solution. Hope one could contact the authors and work together closely to create something similar, imho.
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