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    I starting using Diavolo for MOS, recently and reluctantly. It complicated things, now I have to track 2 different softwares and I cannot interchange them as I would like.

    Diavolo for 68k won't write across a network and doesn't have a scheduler.

    Amiback is really the best backup solution for the Amiga, believe me I know I even wrote a review! I remember from many of the Amiga mags I used to read they pretty much said the same. Now it seems lost forever... I have a problem that I research and test what I'm using against other options to a silly extent... If I claim something is the best, it is proven believe me! If you want a personal finance software with a real good revenue/expense statement and balance sheets crossing multiple accounts and real fast processing and allocating features, the only answer is CIO. Jim (the programmer) really must understand accounting and I assume that is why he wrote it because of the void, it was very well conceived and really makes life easier for the user, you don't have to be an accountant to use it but it has the features if you are. Homebank is a very distant second. If you wanted to run a manufacturing or wholesale distribution then only the old school Easyledgers, Amiga Keep Trak, or Phasar are your options as they are true subledger driven chart of accounts with more controls and inventory. For a small business or home finance it is using a bazooka to take out an ant hill and slow to process and report. The old school software from the 80's are really locked down on features, they may function but it will be a hassle.

    Seems like sloppy coding wasn't that big of a deal back in the day, even with very mature products, Amiback for example had major version releases and many updates in versions. Crazy that Piru had to spend all that time to identify the bad coding. I guess if it ran stable and didn't crash that was good enough.

    Such is life.

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