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    @Tom and Polluks
    Wow, thank you both for the generous offers. I will slowly take a look at MUIBase as my time permits. If everything clicks and comes together for this I will certainly reach out to you. Currently my time is pretty tight, but I will try and make sometime to look at is.

    I looked at Money Matters in the 90's and I can't remember why I didn't like it. I will see If I can dig up a copy and see what the reason was. There were a few other systems like 2+2 and home budget, don't remember them either. From my findings the real old accounting software works decent with MOS, but they really cumbersome and not a good fit. Newer products say in the 90's tend to have more difficulties with MOS, they are all over the place for functionality. I did and exhaustive search in the mid 90's and CIO really is a really good accounting system. I chose all my software in the 90's with such diligence and most of them don't work in MOS LOL.

    Thank you for explaining the difficulties in patching.

    Seems like my best options are to find source code or to use my classic system. Still waiting to see if I can reach Jim Philippou the author of CheckItOut. I did reach the developers of AmiBack and sadly the source seems to be lost forever, shame Amiback is really a great backup program...

    Thanks to all who have helped me with this!

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