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    Georg wrote:
    I don't remember. I have only older AROS builds.

    I had tested it with AROS from all the way back in 2016 too. Trying to run any of the standard Odyssey binaries found on AROS Archives will either quickly result in a hung app or crashed OS.


    It's normal that an AROS app crashing causes AROS hosted itself to crash.

    deadw00d's Odyssey builds do run reasonably well on AROS native, yet when you run them on AROS hosted they do not work.

    Would you say this normal?


    As said I don't have recent AROS builds, so I don't know if it all still works (or works like that).

    As far as I can tell, this has not worked with a large app like Odyssey for at least 6 years.


    So if you are running a 64 bit Linux distribution and you are running into this easiest fix might be to recompile this problematic 32 bit libraries with "-mstackrealign" flag.

    In an attempt to emulate deadwood's own development set up in 2015, I was running Ubuntu 14.04 i386 (32-bit) when I tested it.

    deadw00d mentioned that AROS hosted "became better at detecting memory override problems" compared to AROS native. He suspected that this may be the cause.

    Either way, it is a jarring incompatibility between the hosted and native AROS versions.


    You probably get better answers/suggestions on AROS Exec, as I mostly just know how it was some years ago when I still used 32 bit Linux distribution and older AROS versions.

    There do not really appear to be any answers to any of this.
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