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    matt3 wrote:
    Perhaps MOS could offer a paid service to patch the software somehow to make it work.

    There are numerous problems with this:
    - The biggest issue is that there is no guarantee that the patching could even be done in the end. So it's hard to offer paid service that doesn't guarantee a return.
    - Second is that many software titles explicitly prohibit reverse engineering or tampering with the files. While it could be argued that while this patching only improved compatibility, it still would be technically not legal if the license prohibits it. It is unlikely that legal trouble would arise, but at least I personally wouldn't want to risk it.
    - It is very difficult to estimate the amount of work needed to patch some application. It could easily end up being huge amount of work (far more than the payment would be).
    - It could also lead to issues later if the supposedly "fixed" application has some other, yet unidentified issues. So the fix wouldn't be complete, yet money was paid. What would happen in this case?
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