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    Georg wrote:
    Yeah, but all this debugging options are annoying, tiring and slow because for whatever reason you have no version of MOS hosted on top of Linux or Mac (instead of Quark) so you cannot do nice fast (reboot os + app in fractions of a second) debugging on single machine with everything still running at basically native speed and your tools (text editors) staying up and untouched after full OS crashes and tons of debug output also basically not slowing down things much at all. And possibility to use gdb and hardware watchpoints and stuff.

    That sounds lovely and all.

    But may I ask: have you ever tried running Odyssey on AROS hosted? It either crashes AROS hosted on Linux within, as you put it, "fractions of a second" or essentially hangs after eating 100MB of memory after partially starting up.

    So, the one AROS application that could really truly benefit from heavy-duty debugging tools and fast testing methods cannot be used in the way you describe.

    I genuinely wonder if deadw00d could have even created the AROS version of Odyssey with a 202x version of AROS hosted and a similar time budget.
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