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    I only partially agree because the vast majority of good software that has been used for decades will not run properly or at all on MorphOS. If MOS/Amiga had lots of good options for say finance, ok go to another one and all is fine. That simply isn't the case, the limited selection of really decent Amiga programs do not work.

    I see MOS more valuable if it makes the users life easier by keeping compatibility with legacy programs. It is about the software to get the job done so we can enjoy life at the end of the day.

    I have reached out to a few authors to find source code, with no success thus far. Perhaps MOS could offer a paid service to patch the software somehow to make it work.


    jPV wrote:
    This is why I'm horrified to use OS3 at all anymore :) The good debug options in MorhpOS have revealed how much broken stuff there is on old software... no wonder they were relatively unstable mess at the end and users didn't have a clue, because there weren't proper debugging methods or CPU/memory speed to use them in practise. MorphOS is so much more confident to use nowadays, because broken programs are much easier to find and remove from your system.

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