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    CheckItOut 2.01b- stopped working with MOS 3.16.

    Sorry but that simply isn't true. The only actual MorphOS problem you discovered is the double-click to maximize issue which I am going to investigate and fix for 3.18 (and which you can simply disable in settings if its a problem).

    I've had HammerD test the app on AmigaOS 3.2 and it will also quit without closing all of its windows. So, not a MorphOS bug. (again, a work-around exists: simply close the problem windows before you quit CheckItOut).

    As for occasional crashes: I've tried to get it to run on vanilla WB 3.1 from AmigaForver on Fab's EUAE. It crashes during initial database creation.

    I'd really like to help, but it doesn't look like the problems are MorphOS' fault.
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