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    Hi Tolkien,

    That is exactly what it did for me in MOS 3.15, prior versions of MOS didn't bring up the guide at all. Now in 3.16/3.17 it doesn't show the guide but it will not quit properly and will give mediation errors randomly.

    Interesting that other apps have the same issue... That may help.


    tolkien wrote:
    For curiosity I have tried CheckItOut in my MorphOS machine and I have a problem that have observed with a few programs from a time to now.

    If I execute CheckItNow it shows me the guide document (??) then I close it and nothing happends.
    But if I remove the guide from CheckItOut directory the program starts correctly.

    And exactly the same happends with Ignition database program.

    AmiBlItz3 have guide problems too. It shows inline guide but not the correct node and shows it twice.

    And last was CubicIDE that guide inline help have been broken since a few MorphOS version as I wrote in a thread here.

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