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    @Andreas - Thanks for that, and you are right. Didn't fix the problem. Did a very quick test of Homebank on AOS 3.2 and it seemed ok. I would gladly pay a bounty to have this updated and working and updated to add USD, Miles, etc...

    @Jacek - Thanks, I tried the accounts sample in MUIBase and it just is to far off what I need. If I had time to learn and code a nice accounting package, life would be great!

    For now the only option is Pretium, if I want to use MOS. I might be able to work around the reporting if I play with it enough. In the end I will likely go back to CheckItOut on the 3k...

    Phasar 4.0 also seems to work, but it is real old school accounting and not really a good fit.
    EasyLedger 1 - tried that also and is old school as well.

    Tried a few other options like MUIbank and other Aminet options, no go for any of them.

    Shame really... Oh well. I almost got everything on native MOS.

    This kind of dove tails back into my feature request for MOS 3.18, to be more compatible with badly coded software than still works on the Amiga...

    In my travels I would rank the accounting software for the Amiga:

    CheckItOut - The best option for robust accounting and reporting (Balance sheet, income statements), filtering capability, fast transaction entry, decent muliaccount and splits and transfers. It isn't sexy like Homebank, but it has it where it counts. It would be great if it had modern drop downs, a few loose items were completed, and a more modern interface. This is the reason I bought it back in 92, I tested them back then and it does it all well.
    Pretium - Basic accounts, seems most stable modern option with MOS, reporting is very basic, weird payees (can't report them). Nice colors for the ledgers. In the end feels like an unfinished version 1 product.
    Homebank - nice interface with great dashboard features, reporting is decent but not a formal balance sheet and income statement, nothing is in units that I use in North America, some features not finished.
    The multitude of ones on Aminet either are really old and crash most modern Amiga systems or very basic.
    EasyLedgers and Phasar - both seem very stable in MOS, sadly they are 80's products with 80's UI and a structured accounting chart of accounts and old school ledgers, they may work but they are painful, reporting is ok for them both.

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