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    I'm choosing/get running accounting software on MOS.

    So far here are my findings:

    CheckItOut 2.01b- stopped working with MOS 3.16.
    HomeBank 3.1 - Started using and it occasionally goes of to mediation land when I work with payees. Seems like the filters don't work either and other features aren't done. I see that a newer version was released for AOS4.1 and they dropped MUI.
    Pretium 1.1 - Works for the most part but occasionally right clicking on the main checking window will stop working. Will comeback, but annoying. Pretium also lacks respectable reporting so it is somewhat limiting.

    Looks like perhaps Homebank may be the best (?) choice, since it is based in MUI and it supports MOS.

    Does anyone use these under MOS? If are your results the same? I realize there are browser/cloud based solutions I can run in Wayfarer, but I want to run the application natively in MOS.
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