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    Long overdue response :)

    I developed a backup model that was clean. My goals were:
    1. Take as little time as possible and let the thinking be done by the software.
    2. Provide redundancy and protection against viruses and natural disasters.
    3. Provide one solution base for MOS and Amigas.

    Here was my original solution:
    1. Use AmiBack with it scheduler to backup a full backup weekly and daily archive bit versions across to a compressed file on the NAS.
    2. Weekly attach external hard drive to NAS via USB and press the 'one copy' button on the NAS. The NAS backup will only copy new or changed data.
    3. Unplug from external HD from NAS and toss it in the safe.
    4. Repeat.

    The less I need to be responsible for, the better chance I won't loose something...

    I could simply copy once a week and it would certainly do the job to some extent but I was going for the maximum protection and least time consuming. It was an elegant solution, many years ago.


    cip060 wrote:
    I don't understand what is the purpose of making a backup?
    Just have an external hard drive and copy the files from time to time
    or create an ISO
    I don't see why you have to go to such lengths to use a backup program
    when it is enough to simply copy the folders that we need to SAVE FOR EMERGENCY!

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