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    > I bought my first peg thanx to her demostration in a fair
    > where I live here in Padua (yes, in '90s morphOS was
    > demoed in IT exibithions :-)

    MorphOS demonstration in the 1990s?

    12/1999: MorphOS announced
    08/2000: MorphOS v0.1 for PowerUP released
    12/2000: Pegasos announced
    08/2001: MorphOS v0.8 on Pegasos demonstrated
    10/2002: MorphOS v1.0 on Pegasos released

    Going by that timeline, I suspect that Elena's MorphOS demonstration took place end of 2002 at the earliest.
    Your mention of Padua/Padova made me research and I found the Webb.it IT show that took place in May 2003.
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