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    @ zukow - I know it's been a while since you fixed the communications error with SCANdal - which I am grateful for, but there are a few issues that remain when using SCANdal that get me a bit frustrated.

    I remember using a lot ScanQuix, by Andreas G√ľnther, his scanning software was a great program and I can't remember it left anything to request updates for. So, maybe I/we were all a little "spoilt" when using that program as that's the program I use as a benchmark for any other scanning programs.

    Anyway, here are my questions/requests:

    SCANdal seems to only be capable of precision to 1mm rather than 1 pixel. I cannot get the SCANdal cursor to move with such precision so that I either end up with sections smaller than wanted/necessary, or needing cropping in another image editing program after I've used SCANdal. Is it possible to "tweak" the precision to get this to happen? :-?

    Also, I noticed that when I choose an area with the SCANdal cursor the rest of the page goes black, so when I need to choose an adjacent area of the page I have to rescan the whole page, even at low resolution (50 dpi) to see what section I need to move to next to scan. So, is it possible to retain a visual of the whole scan area so this rescaning process is no longer necessary?

    Also, when I used ScanQuix and scanned several pages/images of/from, for instance, a manual the program used to retain a "history" of the saved/scanned files within its GUI so you knew what you'd scanned as a reminder of any more scans that were still to do - is this possible to implement? I know the place any files/data were saved last could be accessed, via the file requester, to see what has been saved already, but it is very handy to have a visual directly in the program there and then rather than looking back into the system to find what you need.

    I also noticed that when I have a small area that I've scanned if I need to move or adjust the size of the frame I have arranged in SCANdal that I have already scanned, then if I quickly place the mouse cursor or the SCANdal cursor over the scan frame boundary then sometimes, if I move it quickly, and don't wait long enough for the program to react, as I'd expect it to, the cursor does not change to the correct one for the position it is over. Sometimes I have to hover or move back and forth over the edge, corner or centre spot to get the cursor to change to the required cursor. So, when I think I have the correct position of the edge cursor (double ended arrow) or corner cursor (diagonal double-ended arrow) or the placement cursor (4-way arrow) over an area I might end up clicking with one or the other cursors on a part and the cursor is not actually the correct, as-in, it has not had time to metamorphosize into the intended cursor for the position I am clicking on and accidentally making the scan area totally different than what I wanted. Sometimes this goes back to the full scan area which is a real nuisance - can this be fixed?

    Why does SCANdal not save the selected image type when you save its settings, as the default IFF-ILBM saver for scans always is the image type that appears when SCANdal is launched, which is a nuisance - can this be fixed?

    The interface has a fixed size window, so over half of the width of the screen is taken over by the buttons and gadgets, which ideally could be resized, moved to the right, possibly with a balance gadget, to allow the buttons and gadgets to be reduced/minimalised in size, or alternatively a separate gadgets window and a separate scan area window, so they could be moved independently of one another, so that a user could enlarge the view of the scan area so that more detail of the scan area could be seen even without zooming into the screen/scan area - can this be re-worked to function better?

    I know you're busy with other MorphOS tasks in any case, but it would be great to have this program that little bit more precise, and responsive, with these features fixed. 8-D
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