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    @ zukow - thanks for taking on board my comments and observations, and hopefully most, if not all, of my points can be implemented by you, ideally with far less than a 11-12 year wait (v1.3 amigaguide text).

    If you want the English amigaguide file to be updated by me then I will do that for you, if that is of any help?


    zukow wrote: Projects are for storing current options set from connected scanner (scan parameters + checkmarks + selection)

    So, does that mean this is a type of "Saved Settings" file? ... or something else? As it seems to be a Settings option but is not possible to Load as a Settings file into the program. It seems like you intended this to be a Settings option but didn't get around to completing it being fully incorporated so it could be used like that, or is it something else?

    I thought about the Print option a bit more, and for me, ideally, and probably for other users too, the "Print" button, should also have a menu option, and should include a settings option to select a device to print to (USBPAR: or NETPAR:, etc.) and/or look through the system "Printer(s)" available to be able to print specifically, and thus selectable, to the one required by a user.

    The Print option/button might also be adapted to incorporate a "Print to/as PDF"

    The fixes you have supplied now make working with SCANdal a lot simpler, and friendlier from a system point of view, and I hope the other issues I have tried to explain make it into a not too distant future update.

    I'll send you a donation to the address you've supplied in the next few days, as you definitely deserve it from my POV.
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