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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    It's always worthwhile to acually read the press release ;-)

    To be fair, that information was quite well hidden in the press release and that's because we decided not the make a big deal out of it for the time being. I got GDB first working about a year ago but it hasn't been publically released before now for a few reasons. First, it relies on some new OS functionality that Piru was kind enough to add for that purpose. At that time, this was not in the public MorphOS release. Secondly, this port is clearly work in progress and I have unfortunately not had as much time as I expected. However, since GDB is already quite useful for some types of debugging, it was now decided to release it "as-is" for the time being.

    The good news is that debugging of normal executables which are launched directly by GDB should work quite well. It supports both normal programs and ixemul binaries. Even for more complex applications like FlowStudio it should work. I support both the stabs debug format (which we have relied on historically for e.g. the FlowStudio debugger) or the newer DWARF format. Typical operations such as breakpoints, single stepping, tracing and printing of variable values should all work as expected but please let me know otherwise.

    I have also added experimental support to attach to existing MorphOS Tasks and even a few MorphOS specific commands to automatically attach to newly created child tasks. This is however not yet fully stable (and will probably always have some limitations), so do not ask me for details yet :-)

    Apart from this, I have not yet added support for shared libraries but this is clearly something I want to do. Also, I have started working on GDB support in FlowStudio as an alternative to built-in debugger. This should allow quite a lot of new functionality in Flow but it requires quite a bit of work and I can't promise when I find the time for that.

    I hope this gives some useful background and happy for feedback!

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