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    Samurai_Crow wrote:. Do I need both files and if so, why doesn't the project saver not specify that I need the workspace in the same directory?

    No, you don't need to have a workspace. A workspace is basically a container for one or several projects so that they can be loaded together and for instance linked to each other in the build projecess.

    If you don't have a workspace, should just load your project manuarlly (Project->Open Project... or Open Recent Project).. I would recommend that you put your project file at the top your project directories. In your case this would be alongside RapaEdit.hws I guess. That's the most logical and best place and the best tested. It should work to put it in other places as well but at any rate, do not place it on a different partition as file locations are saved in relative terms inside the project file. I might allow for absolute paths in the future but in the meanwhile I should probably warn the user with a requester.
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